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New BLACK ARMOUR FLOCKING by DSD is a true breakthrough in flocking technology! Using a revolutionary new formula, BLACK ARMOUR is able to bond to plastic with unmatched resistance to abrasion and wear. The new flocking has been hailed as the toughest on the planet- BY FAR!

BLACK ARMOUR FLOCKING is the new standard used in the manufacturing of all DSD Honker and DSD Lesser Canada decoy heads. Though not found on other decoy brands BLACK ARMOUR FLOCKING can now be purchased in kits for use on ALL brands.

With a working time of 2-3 hours, BLACK ARMOUR FLOCKING adhesive is quite possibly the most user-friendly glue on the market. One kit of BLACK ARMOUR FLOCKING will do approximately 24 honker sized decoy heads.

Each kit comes standard with adhesive, flocking fibers, detail and broad surface brushes, rubber gloves, dust mask, mixing container and detailed instructions for application. BLACK ARMOUR FLOCKING kits are available only from DSD. Call (541)451-4453 to order.

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