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What is A.C.E. Technology?

A.C.E Technology, or “Advanced Crosslink Elastomer,” is a new plastic and decoy-making process that we at DSD have been developing since 2007! As a material A.C.E. exhibits cured properties far superior to polyethelene, which is the standard plastic that virtually all production decoys have been made with since the 1960's, and the one currently used by the factories in China for the U.S. decoy companies.

is flexible with perfect memory and unbelievably durable! It retains its properties in extreme temps and holds paint ridiculously well!
In all our tests by oursleves and our Pro-Staff, it would be hard to describe just how unbelievably durable and user-friendly A.C.E decoys really are! At DSD we are literally the only company in the world using A.C.E. Technology!

A.C.E. Technology Features:

  • Hands-down, the most durable and user-friendly decoy ever made!
  • Superior Paint Adhesion, even better than prior DSD models!
  • Self-healing - can be shot with very little if any noticeable wear!
  • Soft material makes for quiet transport through the turkey woods!
  • Perfect Memory - if crushed A.C.E. will pop back to shape!
  • Stays flexible and durable in frigid temps!
  • Maintains it’s shape and doesn’t hold dents in high temps!
  • Packable and semi-compressable to fit more decoys in a smaller space!
  • No increase in price, thanks to new, more efficient production methods!
  • No increase in weight, despite drastic increase in strength!
  • Casts in fine details extremely well!
  • No more bagging decoys!

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