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"I have the good fortune of hunting and guiding in the Columbia Basin of Eastern Washington.  With the large numbers of geese in the area also comes large numbers of hunters and competition.  Our geese routinely see several quality spreads a day and consequently any advantage one can gain is super important to success.  My advantage is Dave Smith decoys.  They work as good if not better than our previous gold standard the “stuffer” and are far easier to deal with.  Having extreme confidence in my decoy spread allows me to concentrate on other aspects of the hunt allowing me to be more successful.  Even on the tough days when other decoy spreads aren’t shooting birds these decoys give me added realism that often are the difference between a successful hunt and an average one.  I will be adding more to my spread soon.  I could not recommend these decoys any higher and the customer service to back them up is unbeatable." 
Chad Eidson
Eastern Washington

"I have been a diehard goose hunter for over 30yrs. At one time or another, I have owned and hunted over just about every decoy on the market today. When I struggled to finish birds the way that I like to do in the later parts of the seasons, I knew it was time to change my decoys. I made the decision to switch over to Dave Smith Decoys, a truly custom goose decoy over 2 seasons ago. We hunt mainly big honkers here in the Midwest, and I now finish birds in the end of the season, the same as I do in the start of the goose season. I am strictly a decoy hunter, and the Dave Smith Decoy allows me to do so with super success. From the anatomically correct body poses, and ultra realistic paint details, the Dave Smith Decoy is the best there is bar none. The customer service that the DSD crew provides is top notch as well. The best compliment I can give to Dave Smith Decoys though is to say that we have not lost a bird in the last 2 seasons. Good shooters and dogs also come into play, but the geese work so close to our DSDs that now our 2nd and 3rd shots are just as good as our first shots. Thanks guys for making a truly custom goose decoy that really is awesome in its performance in the field, and is just plain fun to hunt over as well."
Mark Moreland
Mishawaka, Indiana

"Like a lot of hunters, lately, I was starting to have a lot of difficulty getting Geese to finish in my ******* decoys, and decided to try some of the custom brands. I purchased one dozen Dave Smith Decoys just recently and decided to put them to the test. On that first hunt, one of the guys brought along another brand of custom decoy, so we decided to put out two distinct groups, to see if the Geese favored one over the other. On that day we were all made into DSD believers! No matter what direction the Geese came from, no matter what we did with the other decoys, or the kill hole, EVERY SINGLE flock went out of their way to land in the Dave Smith Decoys- it was absolutely amazing!
Needless to say, I have more on order and so do my hunting partners. We have been landing Geese right up until the end of the season- I love my DSDs. They have great movement in just the slightest wind and they look real- from the colors, to the body shape, to the feather detail!
If you just want to hunt Geese, get any of the popular decoys, but if you want to kill Geese, get Dave Smith Decoys!"
Troy Taylor
Taylor Talkers Game Calls

"The summer of 1999 was a huge turning point in my life. I had been an avid Goose hunter for 35 years, and for the first time, I was reluctantly ready to give it up. I had tried every decoy that I had ever seen or heard of - I even manufactured and sold decoys myself for a while. There was no denying it: Geese were getting tougher and tougher and I was spending every precious day off going through all the work, expense, and scouting of Goose hunting with little or no reward.
That summer, Bill Saunders told me that a friend of his was making decoys for his own use, but was selling a few to offset the cost of the molds. I was so blown away when I saw Dave’s decoy- I hadn’t felt that excitement and anticipation of Goose season for many, many years. In the field, the decoys performed far better than I ever thought they would! We have been crushing Honkers in Eastern Oregon ever since and my decoys still look like they did the day I bought them. For the first time in a long time, I actually enjoy the drive to Eastern Oregon and I enjoy the scouting, grassing blinds, putting out the spread, etc. The decoys have changed everything. Everyone I take hunting ends up ordering decoys so, how about it guys, where’s my commission?!"
Brian King

"I hunted over Dave Smith Decoys for the first time 3 years ago and was utterly amazed at how they looked and moved in the field. We shot all of our geese, many of these being cacklers, considered to be one of the wariest of all geese. I commended Dave for having successfully perfected his stake and leg system design after months of trial and error. It worked beautifully.
Having won many national championships in bird taxidermy and being an NTA sanctioned judge, I found Dave's bird sculpting skills to be second to none in the decoy industry. Today I see many copycats attempting to duplicate what Dave has created, but they are just that....... attempts!"
Mike Vernelson

"When you here the name Dave Smith, you automatically think perfection. Whether it is fish replicas, hunting products, or decoys you know that Dave settles for nothing but perfection. Dave is an amazing artist and it reflects in his decoys. I have had the opportunity to hunt over his decoys a few times and was successful each time. The realism is amazing and the birds had no idea what hit them. We didn't just shoot birds, we finished birds and watched them walk around in the decoys. DSDs look great and work even better. It was a pleasure to hunt with two guys (Dave and Brad) that are so knowledgeable and decoys that are so impressive."
Travis Reeser  

"Before I purchased my Dave Smith Decoys, I had tried silhouette and shell decoys without much success here in the Willamette Valley. I sold everything and bought a very large spread of ********* decoys and my success with them was not much better. Next, I made a large spread of stuffers and they worked well but they were too difficult to handle and transport and the weather conditions here in the valley were just too wet most of the time. I finally bought my Dave Smith decoys and have had great success ever since- They are awesome on big Honkers but have worked great on the little Geese, too. If only I had known about DSDs first, I could have saved considerable time and money!"
Jac Eels
"I have been chasing waterfowl for the last 24 years and have been guiding and hunting over Dave Smith Decoys since they first came out.  I can't express how much easier it has been to put birds on the ground since I started using DSDs.  We like to shoot our birds with their feet down while back winging over the kill hole and DSDs make it possible day in and day out. Many clubs and guide services hunt geese in our area, and the DSDs still fool them consistently.  I enjoy looking out over our spread and watching the natural movement and unparalleled realism.  If you get yourself some DSDs be prepared to dress more birds!"
Greg Pegel

"I acquired my first Canada Goose Decoys in 1955.  Since that time I can only guess how many different types of goose decoys I have used.  The total certainly must be over 20.  Some worked better than others.  Some flared birds.  But during the past 3 seasons I have used Dave Smith Decoys.  At first just one dozen, in with other types.  Then I went to Dave Smith Decoys entirely.  At this point I don't think I will ever need to try another Canada Goose decoy. Since I do most of my goose hunting in a heavily hunted area, with very decoy shy birds, the fact that Dave Smith Decoys bring them in when nothing else will, made a real impression on me."
Worth Mathewson
Field Editor Delta Waterfowl

"I first saw the then unnamed Dave Smith Decoys at the Portland Sportsman’s Show in February of 1999. From a short distance I thought they were mounted Geese and remember thinking how clean and anatomically perfect the taxidermy work was. As I got closer and realized that they were sculptures, and then learned that they were made specifically with hunting in mind, I knew then and there that I had to have some!
After finagling my way into getting two dozen decoys, my brother-in-law and I took them on their maiden voyage here in the Willamette Valley. Geese were dropping low enough to shoot on their first pass and after we shot our limits, my brother-in-law suggested that we watch for a while to see if some would come even lower. What happened next was simply unheard of at the time: we watched flock after flock of the usually shy Taverner’s Canadas LAND in our decoys. We had never seen anything like it- we could hardly wait until the next hunt day!
Goose hunting has been a blast for us ever since that fateful day. We still get just as excited to watch them land, we just might be a little more selective. In fact, last September I had my personal best day of five Geese, all leg banded and three with neck collars, all over Dave Smith Decoys- Thanks guys!"
Gary Miller

"I hunt heavily pressured geese on public lands in California and Oregon. In my experience looking different than my neighbors’ setup has been a key to my success. The Dave Smith Decoy fits the bill hands down.
I spent a day in the Klamath Basin with just my 6 DSD’s (the flock has grown since that hunt), the geese there have seen it all and I finished honkers with that small spread.
I then had the opportunity to hunt the NW Permit Zone for cacklers and lessers and really witness the effectiveness of the decoy first hand.  We landed geese and held them in the spread (no collars, dammit), we had them walking around, feeding, preening, etc.
I was sold and have decided to switch my complete Canada goose spread (silhouettes, shells and other full body decoys) to a spread consisting entirely of DSD’s.  I feel that although I may not be able to commit to a huge spread of decoys all at once, a smaller, ultra-realistic spread of DSD’s will be more effective than a larger spread of other full body/silhouette/shell decoys.
The honkers, cacklers, lessers, and Taverners don’t seem to mind and I can’t wait to see how the specks react to them.
I just have to talk my buddies into “switching”.  I’ll let the decoys (and the geese) do the talking."
Dan Mallia

"I have been shooting geese over decoys for 22 years.  By the age of 20 I was guiding goose hunts in the Columbia Basin, and now have come full circle to where I am only fun hunting again. Eight years ago, due to the high level of hunting pressure in my area and the fact that other decoys weren't finishing birds, I decided to sell off my other full bodies and begin hunting over stuffers. I had success with my stuffers but soon realized that I was going to need some ultra-realistic plastic decoys for the nasty weather days.
I decided I was going to buy some old style Carrylites that I could repaint and customize for a realistic look. During an online search for some used Carrylites I saw Dave Smith Decoys for the first time.  They were by far the most realistic decoy that I had ever seen, but I wrote them off as too expensive. Once I had located some Carrylites, I started doing the math on how much time and materials would have to be put in to make the Carrylites look "Custom." I realized that they were going to be close to the cost of the decoys I was trying to copy so I took a chance and ordered 2 dozen Dave Smith Decoys. Since then I have stopped making stuffers, and have purchased 5 dozen more DSD’S.
I look at goose hunting as a science experiment. There are a set of variables that need to be addressed. The more you address, the more successful your hunting. Some variables we can control and some we can't. In my opinion the 5 most important variables to goose hunting (in no particular order) include weather, concealment, location, calling and realism. Realism is where Dave Smith Decoys add value to my goose hunting. Movement and ultra-realistic detail/anatomy are factors that are deadly on geese no matter where you live.
Some people argue that there are good decoys available for less than DSDs cost, but no other decoy is able to address the Realism variable like DSDs.
I have learned over the years from my own mistakes and by watching others make mistakes, that trying to cut corners to save a buck does not work. It is better to spend the extra money to get what you want the first time than to try to do it yourself. Even if you are talented enough to make your own spread, when you take into account the cost of materials and the time involved its a no-brainer. My advice to anyone considering a purchase of DSD’s, don’t let the price get in your way, they are a bargain compared to the alternatives."
Pete Berry

"If you're looking for a decoy that is highly effective, lifelike and durable, then look no further. The Dave Smith Decoy is all that they say it is. Here in NW Oregon we winter many geese. Mainly Canada geese of 7 different subspecies - from the tiny Cackler to the big Western. Ours is a great area to hunt but because the geese stay here all season they get smart fast. We hunt them from September through the end of February. Never have we landed so many geese as we did this past season. Whether hunting the Willamette Valley or Eastern Oregon DSDs do the job. Many times the geese wanted to land on their initial approach. The DSD seems to put the birds more at ease. So if you've got smart birds to hunt or are looking to upgrade your flock we don't think you can do any better. Thanks Dave and Brad for the best goose season we've ever had. Looking forward to the next."
Bob and Evan Alcantara

Dear Fellow Goose Hunters,
My first experience with Dave Smith Decoy’s (DSD) came while browsing through one of the many website’s a lot of us are members of.  On any given day I could see new pics of piles of honkers, but one day I saw something new.  There was a picture from a guy named de-bander with a load of geese, but they were not honkers, but cacklers.  Growing up hunting on Sauvie Island and being frustrated by cacklers, I was shocked to see so many little geese, with decoys that looked like real geese standing behind the guys in the pic.  I emailed the infamous de-bander and he told me what they were.  I knew I had to have them, someday.
My father and I had been hunting geese a lot that year, and doing okay.  As our knowledge and passion for goose hunting intensified, we knew it was time to change decoys.  We purchased a few dozen DSD’s and were in great anticipation of the upcoming season.  From the first day they were in the field, we knew we had found what it took to not only get geese closer, but to consistently finish geese, and put them on the ground.
We hunt mainly honkers, and our first season hunting over DSD’s was by far the most satisfying season ever.  The birds reaction to the decoys was like we had never seen or experienced before.  Getting geese to commit was easier than ever before.  We landed flock after flock in the first two days and through out the last weekend of the season, and the rest, as they say, is history.  The guys at DSD are top notch hunters and individuals.  Customer service is leaps and bounds above any other company I have ever dealt with.  Whether hunting little geese, honkers or specks.  DSD’s are by far the best decoy on the market.  Good luck to all and if you have ever thought about purchasing these decoys, do it, you won’t be disappointed.
Evan Alcantara

Thanks again for the decoy - worked incredibly well. Actually had a dominate hen chip the beak on my decoy. Very cool at 10 yards.
Attached are pic's of the two toms we shot in the Verona area of Wisconsin. Both shot over your decoy. My buddy (and me as well) have had really bad luck with turkeys spooking on decoys in the past and pretty much quit using them. Your decoys have totally changed our thoughts (even my buddy who was really anti-decoy). We had nothing but positive results with your hen.
Thanks again and hope to see you again this fall!!
Joel Helein
PS (I ordered a hen for my buddy so he doesn't keep talking about using "our" decoy!)

This bird fooled me yesterday, but I fooled him this morning. He gobbled well enough on the roost to get set up on him. I tree called to him a couple times but he never answered. I know he heard me. He never gobbled on the ground so I really wasn't sure if I was even in the hunt at 7:00. At roughly 7:10, I heard a hen pretty close by. I caught a flash of her through the timber headed my way. A few moments later I saw him following behind. As they got a little closer, I noticed that he had 2 hens. They were headed my way, and the hens spotted my decoys when they were around 50 yards. The gobbler spotted my decoys in about the same place. The hens worked their way towards me, slowly dragging the long beard with them. He was checking out my Jake in what appeared to be a passive, submissive posture. When he got to about 36 yards, he puffed out his chest feathers, and started walking straight to the Jake. I think he finally got the angle he needed to see that he was dealing with a Jake. He closed the distance so fast that he flogged my Jake decoy with his spurs several times and pecked at his head three or four times. He finally cleared my decoy and I loudly and he picked his head up and I shot him in the meatballs. (That is what my 7yo son calls them) His head flew off like a wine cork and went end over end like a field goal. He is not even close to my best bird, but he made for one of my best hunts ever. He had an 8 1/2" beard, 3/4" spurs and weighed 18lbs. He was shot at 10 yards with a 125 grain Magnus Bullhead! You don't have to worry about running out there to secure your bird when you see his head do the loop.
Mitch Mitchum

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