Who We Are

We are a compilation of dedicated, hard working guys + 1 gal who are absolutely committed to bringing you the finest decoys of the highest realism and quality in existence. We take great pride in our work and refuse to be second best. We want our customers to experience decoying like they never imagined!

Who We Are

We are a compilation of dedicated, hard working guys + 1 gal who are absolutely committed to bringing you the finest decoys of the highest realism and quality in existence. We take great pride in our work and refuse to be second best. We want our customers to experience decoying like they never imagined!

The DSD Story

Dave Smith Decoys needed to find a new home to keep up with demand. Unfortunately, right as they were making the move, they suffered a horrible loss. After months of recovering and a long moving process, things are finally getting back on track and the new shop is helping them grow their business faster than ever.

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Our Commitment

We promise to bring our customers the highest quality, most true to life decoys in the world at the lowest price possible without sacrificing quality.  We will continue to use the highest quality materials available, take the utmost care, and carefully inspect and approve each and every decoy before it goes out the door.  Our goal has never been to be the biggest, only the BEST!  We offer a decoy that LASTS – we take great pride in this!  When you buy Dave Smith Decoys you know that you have just purchased the BEST – no compromising!

We promise to provide friendly, reliable customer service.  We will continue to live up to our reputation for being the easiest and friendliest decoy company to do business with. 

We promise to continue to remain at the cutting edge of decoy development and advancement.  When we created the first life sized, ultra-realistic decoy, we set the standard for today’s goose decoys.  We will continue to lead the way while remaining at the top in terms of quality and realism!

The DSD Team

Dave Smith

Dave is a co-owner and founder of DSD, and comes from an Industrial sculpturing background. His main focus is the product itself, as Dave does all product sculpturing, and works with the paint department to work out product colors, patterns, and finishes. Dave also is involved with business decisions/direction. Dave has a long background of goose hunting, but also loves turkey hunting, archery big game hunting, fly fishing, and bass fishing.

Brad Cochran

Brad is a managing partner/co-owner of DSD. His main focus is all financial aspects plus marketing, but has been involved with every process of business development and production. Brad is a die-hard waterfowl and turkey hunter, and when I say that, I don’t mean “die-hard”, as-in, he takes some breath-taking selfies at sunrise and posts them with 12 hashtags die-hard. I mean: he kills tonsand tons of geese and turkeys with deadly effectiveness.

Greg Hogan

Greg is a co-owner of DSD and also the general manager. His main focus is managing all aspects of production, but also adds input to most day-to-day business decisions. Greg brings many years of production management to DSD. Greg is also an avid hunter and fisherman.

Scott Sprecher

Scott is the Marketing Director for DSD. He manages the website, social media and content production. Along with this, he also communicates with customers on a day to day basis. Like the rest of us, Scott is an avid hunter in his free time.

“I have the good fortune of hunting and guiding in the Columbia Basin of Eastern Washington.With the large numbers of geese in the area also comes large numbers of hunters and competition.Our geese routinely see several quality spreads a day and consequently any advantage one can gain is super important to success.My advantage is Dave Smith decoys.They work as good if not better than our previous gold standard the “stuffer” and are far easier to deal with.Having extreme confidence in my decoy spread allows me to concentrate on other aspects of the hunt allowing me to be more successful.Even on the tough days when other decoy spreads aren’t shooting birds these decoys give me added realism that often are the difference between a successful hunt and an average one.I will be adding more to my spread soon.I could not recommend these decoys any higher and the customer service to back them up is unbeatable.”

Chad Eidson / Eastern Washington

“”I have been a diehard goose hunter for over 30yrs. At one time or another, I have owned and hunted over just about every decoy on the market today. When I struggled to finish birds the way that I like to do in the later parts of the seasons, I knew it was time to change my decoys. I made the decision to switch over to Dave Smith Decoys, a truly custom goose decoy over 2 seasons ago. We hunt mainly big honkers here in the Midwest, and I now finish birds in the end of the season, the same as I do in the start of the goose season. I am strictly a decoy hunter, and the Dave Smith Decoy allows me to do so with super success. From the anatomically correct body poses, and ultra realistic paint details, the Dave Smith Decoy is the best there is bar none. The customer service that the DSD crew provides is top notch as well. The best compliment I can give to Dave Smith Decoys though is to say that we have not lost a bird in the last 2 seasons. Good shooters and dogs also come into play, but the geese work so close to our DSDs that now our 2nd and 3rd shots are just as good as our first shots. Thanks guys for making a truly custom goose decoy that really is awesome in its performance in the field, and is just plain fun to hunt over as well.””

Mark Moreland / Mishawaka, Indiana

“Like a lot of hunters, lately, I was starting to have a lot of difficulty getting Geese to finish in my ******* decoys, and decided to try some of the custom brands. I purchased one dozen Dave Smith Decoys just recently and decided to put them to the test. On that first hunt, one of the guys brought along another brand of custom decoy, so we decided to put out two distinct groups, to see if the Geese favored one over the other. On that day we were all made into DSD believers! No matter what direction the Geese came from, no matter what we did with the other decoys, or the kill hole, EVERY SINGLE flock went out of their way to land in the Dave Smith Decoys- it was absolutely amazing!
Needless to say, I have more on order and so do my hunting partners. We have been landing Geese right up until the end of the season- I love my DSDs. They have great movement in just the slightest wind and they look real- from the colors, to the body shape, to the feather detail!
If you just want to hunt Geese, get any of the popular decoys, but if you want to kill Geese, get Dave Smith Decoys!”

Troy Taylor / Taylor Talkers Game Calls