For Western Oregon and Washington hunters, there is no better or more accurate decoy than our Cackler decoys. Combine with our Lesser decoys to create realistic mixed flocks, or use them on their own and watch as a tornado descends upon you.

Simple and durable leg bungee system.

5 Unique poses for increased spread variation.

Incredibly realistic with a bullet proof paint scheme.

Available as custom painted Hutchies or Aleutians.

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5 Unique Poses

Look like a real flock

With 5 unique poses that perfectly match the Cackler, Aleutian and Hutchinson geese perfectly, now you can finish birds within feet and have a better hunting experience than you ever thought.

Deadly Accurate

Colors & Finish

With our in house spectrometer, we finely tune our color and texture to have the same look and reflective qualities of real feathers. Our texture has a finish that matches real feathers and is much more durable than flocking.

“Hands down DSD decoys are most realistic decoys ever created. Add to that they are made in the USA and a customer service department second to none your next decoy should be DSD.

Kevin McMahan

Northwest Goose Hunter

Combo Pack

(4) Searching Feeders
(4) Active Feeders
(1) Sentry Upright
(1) Rester Upright
(2) Transition Feeders

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Upright Pack

(1) Sentry Upright
(1) Rester Upright
(2) Transition Feeders

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Feeder Pack

(2) Searching Feeders
(2) Active Feeders

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Parts & Accessories

Gear & Accessories

Cackler Leg Straps | 4-Pack


Parts and Accessories

Touch-Up Paint Kit


Stakes & Bases

Cackler Stakes


Parts and Accessories

Black Armour Flocking Kit