Paint &


Ultra realistic paint and texture detail that mimcs the reflections and iridescence of actual turkey feathers.

The most durable and dependable material on the market. Self healing and holds its shape.

Five Unique


No matter the situation, we have a decoy that can help you be successful on your hunt.






Combo 12-Pack

The perfect combination of body styles for the field hunter.

• (4) Searching Feeders

 (4) Active Feeders

• (1) Sentry

 (1) Rester

 (2) Transition Feeders

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Upright 4-Pack

Set the Cackler Upright 4-Pack on the waters edge or in shallow water to simulate a loafing flock of cacklers. Perfect for sunny, late season hunts next to water!

• (1) Sentry

(1) Rester

(2) Transition Feeders

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Feeder 4-Pack

A great way to bulk up your field spread without having to buy an entire dozen! Give the look of content feeding geese to your decoy setups.

• (2) Active Feeders

 (2) Searching Feeders

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