Paint &


Ultra realistic paint and texture detail that mimcs the reflections and iridescence of actual goose feathers.

The most durable and dependable material on the market. Self healing and holds its shape.

10 Unique


No matter the situation, we have a decoy that can help you be successful on your hunt.

Re-designed From the Ground Up

We redesigned everything about our one piece honkers from the ground up to create the best decoy we’ve ever made.

New Motion system with realistic cast legs

All of our one piece honkers come stock with realistic cast legs and a brand new motion system that allows you to move your spread quickly.

DSD Collar Pose

For the first time, we are excited to announce a brand new collar pose! We are offering seven different colors of collars or even use your own!

Upright 6-Pack

• (2) Sentry Upright

 (2) Strider Upright

• (2) Bristle Upright

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Rester 6-Pack

• (3) Classic Resters

(2) Block Head Resters

(1) Sky Looker

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Feeder 6-Pack

• (2) Active Feeders

 (2) Searching Feeders

 (2) Stretched Feeders

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Neck Collar Pose

• 7 Different Color Options

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Sleeper 4-Pack

• (4) Original Sleeper Poses

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