This life-size and highly detailed decoy line is one of our most deadly and popular options. Rain or shine, the added detail and texture on these Honkers eliminates shine to ensure an ultra flat appearance and an increased effectiveness on weary geese!

Updated leg strap design increases durability.

Realistic, folding cast legs for increased realism.

Rubber strap secures to the stand for fast spread changes.

Tail & wing seperation that
looks like real feathers.

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10 Unique Poses

More than we’ve ever done!

With our new DSD Honker line of decoys we wanted to create more spread variation than we have ever attempted to do. Each pack of decoys comes with 3 unique sculpters and when used with other packs, your spread will come to life more than it ever has!

Deadly Accurate

Colors & Finish

With our in house spectrometer, we finely tune our color and texture to have the same look and reflective qualities of real feathers. Our texture has a finish that matches real feathers and is much more durable than flocking.

“When I first saw the new DSD Honkers, I knew I was looking at the BEST! The body positons are perfect, and the color reflecton is spot on! Time is a valuable commodity and I need to make the most of each day in the field. This year I know I will have DSD Honkers in my spread”

George Lynch
Lynch Mob Calls

Upright Pack

(2) Sentry Upright
(2) Strider Upright
(2) Bristle Neck Upright

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Rester Pack

(3) Classic Resters
(2) Block Head Resters
(1) Sky Looker

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Feeder Pack

(2) Active Feeders
(2) Searching Feeders
(2) Stretched Feeders

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Neck Collar Decoy

(1) Neck Collar Decoy
(with your choice of neck collar color)

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