The DSD snow goose was one of our most ambitious and challenging projects to date. We couldn’t sacrafice quality and features, but it needed to be the most affordable DSD to date!

Realistic cast, fold away legs
for increased realism.

Even more affordable with
available bulk discounts.

Brand new, large motion cone
for faster setup.

Feather matched, two tone
paint scheme.

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We have been prototyping and developing our new Snow Goose decoy line for over two years. We combined realism and usability to create the most effect snow goose decoy on the market.

Easy to Find


Our brand new, large motion cone design with built in limiter makes it easy and faster than ever to set large spreads.

Fold Away

Attached LEgs

When hunting in short or muddy fields, a lack of legs on a decoy is very noticeable to approaching geese. That’s why we include ultra-realistic legs cast from real legs. The legs come attached, but fold away for convenient storage.

Convenient Carry

Tail Loops

Snow goose hunters don’t want to carry one decoy at a time. We knew with this decoy we had to include durable tail loops so you don’t have to.

Large Rounded Top is

Gentle on Palms

When you’re pushing in hundreds of stakes at a time, your hand will feel it. We were careful to design a stake that has a large top surface and smooth edges, but still provides movement in even slight breezes.

Lightweight, High-Vis

Stake Design

Gone are the days of losing stakes in the field. Our new lightweight, fiberglass stakes come with reflective tape and highly visible red tops that will light up like a beacon when setting your spread in the dark.

“Not Just Painted White!”

The DSD difference is attention to detail. When competitors use a single white paint or no paint at all, we chose a different path. Almost all snow goose decoys on the market are on the cool or blue side of the color scale. Snow geese are actually on the warm side and have more of a yellow hue. This was very important for us to nail and we used our in house color spectromoter to do just that. We are confident that this alone will help finish more snow geese in the kill hole.

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10 Pack | $369.99

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Combo 10-Pack (Includes 4 Poses)

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Snow Feeder

10 Pack | $369.99

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Feeder 10-Pack (Includes 2 Poses)

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Blue Combo

10 Pack | $399.99

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Combo 10-Pack (Includes 4 Poses)

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