Paint &


Ultra realistic paint and texture detail that mimcs the reflections and iridescence of actual turkey feathers.

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The most durable and dependable material on the market. Self healing and holds its shape.

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Four Unique


No matter the situation, we have a decoy that can help you be successful on your hunt.

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New improvements to the lesser decoy were just the start. We had a goal to create the most effective speck decoy on the market. The paint and texture on these new decoys needed to be perfect and we are finally ready to add the DSD Speck to the 2016 lineup.



Searching Feeder

Active Feeder

Combo 6-Pack

The DSD Speck Combo 6-Pack is the perfect choice for hunters looking to add to their spread, or get one started!!

• (2) Searching Feeders

 (2) Active Feeders

• (1) Sentry

 (1) Rester

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Upright 6-Pack

• (3) Resters

 (3) Sentrys

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Feeder 6-Pack

• (3) Searching Feeders

(3) Active Feeders

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