Wholesale Application & Information

Dave Smith Decoys works with a limited number of Wholesalers on an application basis. Currently, only our turkey and deer decoy lines are available for wholesale purchase. If you are intersted in becoming a wholesale partner with DSD, please view the information below and fill out the application form at the bottom of the page.

Application Process

To apply to be a wholesaler, fill out the application below. Once we have reviewed the information we will email you back with an approval, denial or for more information. At that point you will use the information you gave to login to your new wholesale account on our website just like you would if you were a customer. Your wholesale pricing will automatically be applied to your purchase.

Map Pricing

In order to preserve our reputation for providing customers with high value products Dave Smith Decoys (DSD) follows, and insists our retailers including internet, brick and mortar, and catalog resellers follow Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP Pricing). DSD values all of our resellers and our MAP Pricing policy is adopted for their benefit.

Resellers shall not advertise DSD products below MAP pricing in any media, including Flyers, posters, Coupons, Mailers, Inserts, Catalogs, or on the internet including websites and Social Media platforms.

This MAP policy execution and application are at the discretion of DSD. We will be solely responsible for determining whether a violation of this policy has occurred, informing the reseller, and taking any action in response to a violation. DSD does not need to provide prior notice or warning before taking an action under this MAP policy.

Repeated or intentional failures to follow DSD’s MAP pricing policy may result in sanctions up to and including termination of dealer status .. Any action taken by DSD under this Policy shall be without liability to DSD.

General Agreement

(1) Account starts from Money Order/Certified Check or Credit Card until credit status approved. Money Orders and Certified Checks must be received in advance of shipment of merchandise order.

(2) Minimum sale of $2,000 for the past 12 months required to qualify for Net terms.

(3) An interest charge equivalent to 1½% per month (18% per annum) will be added to all past due invoices.

(4) A minimum sale of 5 decoys or $500 (not including shipping/freight charges) is required on ALL ORDERS.

(5) All prices subject to change without notice.

(6) A service charge of $25.00 will be assessed on all returned checks and all discounts and freight allowances will be charged back.

(7) Dave Smith Decoys follows Map Pricing (See Attached MAP Policy) Any discounts, prices, or policies that deviate from the price list must be approved in writing from Dave Smith Decoys.

(8) We do not drop ship.

(9) NO shipments on PAST DUE accounts.

(10) Net terms subject to review/alteration on past due accounts.

(11) Minimum annual sales of $1000.00 required.

(12) Sales Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice. Contact Dave Smith Decoys for update.


(1) Pay oldest invoice first.

(2) Pay by invoice number.

(3) Attach remittance advice telling which invoice numbers are being paid and included in the check.

(4) Any deduction taken on specific invoices at the time of payment must be explained. Should errors occur on invoices regarding prices, maturity dates, etc., notify Dave Smith Decoys with specific detailed information within 15 days of invoice date.

(5) Discount only allowed on subtotal of invoice amount. No discount allowed on freight or service charges.

(6) Orders may be prepaid by using VISA, Master Card or Discover Card.

(7) Unauthorized chargeback will incur 25% handling fee in addition to all costs incurred.

(8) Remit payment to: Dave Smith Decoys 1000 Montessa Way Lebanon, OR 97355.

(9) Payments received by credit or debit card will incur a 3% processing fee.

Warrenty and Replacement Policy

(1) Dave Smith Decoys warrants all products to be free of defects in materials and workmanship at time of shipment from Dave Smith Decoys. Any product, which proves to be defective within the terms of warranty for the product involved, may be returned to Dave Smith Decoys freight prepaid, but subject to the above policies.Dave Smith Decoys will repair or replace any product under warranty at no charge and return to dealer and when applicable, refund dealer for shipping charges incurred to send back defective merchandise.

(2) Any authorized shipments that are refused for issues other than warranty will be charged on a 20% restocking fee, plus freight charges incurred.

Terms and Conditions

Upon the receipt and acceptance by Dave Smith Decoys, this Dealer Application will serve as a binding contract between the Applicant and Dave Smith Decoys. By the submission of this application, the Applicant
agrees to abide by all terms and conditions listed within this Dealer Application. As such the applicant is subject to one and a half (1.5%) percent per month (or the maximum allowable rate under state statute) computed on the unpaid delinquent balance until the account is paid in full and pay reasonable attorneys’ fees and other costs incurred for collection. The agreement and subsequent contracts/purchase orders shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Oregon. Venue for litigation to enforce any terms of this agreement shall be Linn County. The undersigned waives any privacy of credit information rights or regulations, including the consumer protection act of 1968 with all amendments and authorizes his (their) bank to release information to Dave Smith Decoys. Applicant’s signature attests financial responsibility, ability, and willingness to pay all invoices. The above information is for the purpose of obtaining credit and is warranted to be true and correct. I/we hereby authorize Dave Smith Decoys to investigate the references listed to my/our credit and financial responsibility.

Wholesale Order Form

If you have already applied and have been approved, please use your email and password to login to your account, then click below to select products from our easy to use wholesale form and proceed to checkout.

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