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Announcement July, 2014:

DSD Lessers/Specks
Friends and valued customers: we wanted to give everyone a heads-up of our plans in case it will affect your Lesser orders for 2014. Dave is currently underway re-texturing and resculpturing the line of DSD Lessers/Snows/Specks. The newest version will not be available until next summer, 2015. If you are currently on the waiting list for 2014 Lessers, and would like to hold off your purchase until 2015, please let Robyn know and you will be added to the 2015 list in the same order you are currently. Postponing all or part of your Lesser order will not affect any other purchases you might still want to make this year.

The pros and cons/details:

The 2014 version:
Dave made some slight improvements to all four poses already this spring; crisping up and deepening some details & filling out shapes and these improvements will be on every 2014 Lesser. Otherwise they are the same decoys that made us famous and got us started. Same deadly shapes and of course our finish that kills, kills, kills and no increases in Lesser prices for 2014

The 2015 version:
The shape of the resting pose will stay the same as the 2014 version, but the upright and both feeders will have noticeable changes to shape and anatomy. Feather detail on all four poses will be reworked and deepened. We came out with this decoy in 1999 and it's time to retexture/retool. Retexturing will give this decoy a flatter finish when wet. There will be no other changes to size/culmens, feather groups. Etc. As of now, there is no price increase foreseen, but we don't know what raw material prices will be a year from now.

Note: We don't always know far ahead of time what projects we are taking on and can't always give you a heads-up. This is a rare chance to let you know in hopes that it will help you plan, and prevent any surprises. The standard business model is to NOT let your customers know of this stuff, but since when have we ever gone "by the book"??

We appreciate all of you more than you will EVER know. THANK YOU for supporting USA manufacturing jobs!


Brad and Dave & everyone at DSD
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