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Ep. 034 | Dr. Michael Chamberlain

On todays episode, Mike Chamberlain joins us to talk about his extensive research of wild [...]


Ep. 033 | Turkey Hunting Q&A

In this weeks episode we asked our customers on social media to submit questions for [...]

Ep. 032 | Passing it on with Tommy Floyd

Tommy Floyd reached out with some suggestions on topics for the podcast. His email was [...]

Ep. 031 | Mitchell Johnston & Dead End Game Calls

Mitchell Johnston takes a mid day break from hunting to join us for this podcast. [...]

Ep. 030 | Mike Pentecost & Woodhaven Calls

Today, we have a living legend in the turkey woods join us. Mike Pentecost, founder [...]

Ep. 028 | Michael Hunsucker & Heartland Bowhunter

Michael Hunsucker is producer and co-host of the popular show Heartland Bowhunters. He joins us [...]

Ep. 027 | Justin Kasmeyer & Hunting with Dave Smith

With Brad out having minor surgery, we thought this would be a great chance to [...]


Ep. 025 | Phillip Vanderpool

Phillip Vanderpool is host of the Virtue TV. He focuses on hunting Turkeys and Whitetails, [...]

Ep. 022 | We’re Back! (New Projects & Updates)

It’s been a while, but we’re back and focused on doing regular, weekly episodes. We [...]


Episode 19 | Ground Blind Hunting with Xenek

Jerrod Lile and Jake Schneidder, the owners of Xenek Ground Blinds, join us to talk [...]

Episode 18 | Turkey Q&A

We answer customer questions about turkey hunting and using decoys. To get involved, follow us [...]

Episode 17 | Sounding Like a Real Hen with Aaron Brooks

Aaron Brooks is a great friend of ours who has always blown us away with [...]

Episode 12 | Goulds Turkey Hunting with Jay Scott

We are honored to have Jay Scott on the podcast in this episode. Along with [...]

Episode 11 | White Face Decoys with Matt Winters

Mr. Purple Drank himself, Matt Winters, joins us to talk turkey hunting. Matt was the [...]