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When your order includes 5 boxes of decoys or more,
choose Ground with Freight Shipping at checkout.

Fixed Rate Shipping!   When your combined order includes 5 or more boxes of goose decoys, your entire order ships for one low fixed rate. Once your order is qualifies, you will automatically be given the option for Ground With Freight Shipping on our website and it can save you up to 80%!(Excludes cackler 4-Packs)

Mix & Match!  Purchase any combination of decoys or gear and as long as the entire order includes 5 boxes of goose decoys your order ships for one low price.

Anywhere in the Lower 48!  Any state in the contiguous united states qualifies for this offer.

  Bulk Goose Decoy Discount 

We offer a tiered pricing option for those wanting to order decoys in bulk. Cannot be combined with any other offer, sale, or promotion.

Canada & Speck Decoys

5-9 Dozen
5% Off Decoys

10-14 Dozen
10% Off Decoys

15-19 Dozen
15% Off Decoys

20+ Dozen
15% Off Decoys
+ Free Shipping

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Snow & Blue Goose Decoys

10-24 Boxes
5% Off Decoys

25-49 Boxes
10% Off Decoys

50-99 Boxes
15% Off Decoys

100+ Boxes
20% Off Decoys

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  Military Discount

DSD has always been an American company and that wouldn’t be possible without the men and women in uniform that fight for us. To support those who sacrifice so much for our country, we want to make sure those same men and women get the chance to hunt over our decoys.

10% Off Your Entire Order

  Agency Discount

As a conservation minded company,
we try to help wildlife and law enforcement agencies any way that we can. Because of this, we offer a discount to any agency looking for decoys for education, promotion, studies or to aid in catching poachers. Discount valid on turkey and deer product lines.

1-5 Items
10% Off Entire Order

6+ Items
20% Off Entire Order

 DSD Pro-staff

We have always believed that promotional staff have hurt the hunting industry. Giving people free gear to get them to talk about it creates false testimonials and how can you trust someone who doesn’t actually support the product? We have always wanted our customers to get reliable and truthful opinions on our decoys.

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