Bill Saunders, owner of Bill Saunders Calls and Big Guns Waterfowl Outfitters joins us on this episode to talk about many different elements of goose hunting. After going over a bit of history, we discuss snow goose hunting, hunting in different climates, and might even discuss the next DSD decoy project for a couple minutes.

1 thoughts on “Episode 4 | Bill Saunders

  1. Travis Walsh says:

    I am going to give my idea for a new decoys. I did talk to Brad about this, but I would like to see a shell type goose decoys. When I say shell type I mean a shell like the Honker sleeper but the bottom is not flat, it is concaved kind of like the old herters suc ducks if u know what I am talking about. Make it have interchangable heads for different looks. The bottom is concaved so u could stack 3 or so together and fit in a slot on the 6 slot bags. Or maybe 2 in each slot. That’s my .02.
    Travis Walsh

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