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Ep 035 | Stefanie Lea Paulsen

Stefanie Lea Paulsen joins us from half a world away to talk about some of [...]

Ep. 027 | Justin Kasmeyer & Hunting with Dave Smith

With Brad out having minor surgery, we thought this would be a great chance to [...]

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Ep. 026 | Arkansas Snows With Trevor Manteufel

Trevor Manteufel, owner of Top of the Flyway Outfitters, joins us to talk about the [...]

Ep. 024 | Sandhill Cranes with Brian Richter

Crane hunting is exploding in the US and Canada and we wanted to learn more [...]

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Ep. 022 | We’re Back! (New Projects & Updates)

It’s been a while, but we’re back and focused on doing regular, weekly episodes. We [...]


Episode 21 | Speck Hunting with Ken White

Ken White joins us to talk everything speck hunting. Ken is a die hard speck [...]

Episode 16 | Panel Blind Tactics with Shawn Stahl

Shawn Stahl joins us again to go in depth on hunting geese out of a [...]

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Episode 15 | Made in China

Brad and Dave discuss the reasons behind outsourcing our recent Snow Goose decoy project and [...]


Episode 14 | Scott Threinen

Scott Threinen joins us on this episode to talk about true Giant Canada Geese and [...]

Episode 13 | Hunter Grounds

On this episode, we are joined by Hunter Grounds. We discuss the history of the [...]

Episode 9 | Snow Geese with Alex Russo (Flatland Flyways)

Alex Russo of Flatland Flyways joins us to talk snow geese. Alex runs a first [...]

Episode 8 | Getting Permission with Travis Reeser

In this episode we dive into strategies on how to get access and approach farmers [...]

Episode 7 | Waterfowl Q&A

In this episode we’re taking questions from customers and answering as many as we can. [...]

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Episode 6 | Band Hunting (Part 3)

In the final episode of our three part series on band hunting, we dive deeper [...]

Episode 5 | Band Hunting (Part 2)

In Part 2 of our band hunting series we dive deeper into tactics to be [...]