Jonathan and Dylan White join us in this episode to talk about decoying snow & ross geese in their home state of California. Make no mistake though, this is not just an episode for snow goose hunters. They’re both known for going outside of the box and getting geese to decoy up close and personal when others are shooting them at 60 yards. Utilizing unique calling and decoy strategies, along with a focus on hides, allows them to gain an edge that others miss. 

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One thought on “Ep. 023 | White Geese with the White Brothers

  1. James Estes says:

    Really enjoyed listening to the podcast with the White brothers. Funny, Ross here seem dumb compared to snows. In Canada as well. At least in the areas where we are targeting the mid-continent population. Agree with visibility of the feet. Keep them!

    I would look forward to what you come up with for bagging large quantities of snows. I use seed bags could certainly relate to the conversation you were having. Keeping the bag upright and open is the greatest issue to me. I currently use a 2″ PVC frame. Portable, external, and the one frame serves each bag as it is being loaded. Top square “ring” is 4′ x 4′. Legs at the corners are 5′ with chisel point to grip the ground. Bungees at each corner hook on to the seed sack handles. Five pieces of PVC pipe and 4 PVC connectors all disassemble for easy storage.

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