On todays episode, Mike Chamberlain joins us to talk about his extensive research of wild turkeys. Mike is a biologists that has spent his recent years focusing on research and studies around wild turkeys.

3 thoughts on “Ep. 034 | Dr. Michael Chamberlain

  1. Toxie Givens, Jr says:

    We have been using real taxidermy hens (2) and a gobbler. We decided to wih your decoys. They have performed very well. Thinking about adding the posturing gobble. My son and I have two sets of your decoys. Work very well. Don’t believe I will be able to hunt this year. Blacke out in a 13 tree stand. Broke my back in two places. Thanks

  2. Hawgdaddy says:

    GREAT Webcast session…. Odd things for sure to add to the list…. I killed an eastern with an 11″ beard and it had a 100% notched Jake fan….. good spurs so a mature bird….

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