We are very excited to announce that we have joined forces with a long time partner and we are now part of the MeatEater family of brands. From our founding in 1999 we have put our value of customer service, quality and effectiveness above all else. Meat Eater shares these core values and will allow DSD to grow and expand our line of products. 

We know what you’re wondering. What does this mean and what is going to change?

Absolutely nothing is changing other than we are now aligned with like minded brands that include First Lite, Phelps Game Calls, FHF Gear and MeatEater. Having worked with MeatEater for years, we know and trust their company values and feel strongly that this will only bring good things for the DSD brand and our die hard customer base. 

We remain focused on improving and expanding all of our current lines of A.C.E. (Made in America) products and production. This acquisition also allows us to improve our employees benefits, which is something we are very proud of as a USA based company.

Dave Smith (Founder), Brad Cochran (Co-Owner) and Greg Hogan (Co-Owner) along with all of our employees will be doing the same work that they have always done with even more tim e and resources to dedicate to improving our products, quality and customer service. 

We have never been more excited about the future of DSD. We’re eager to hit the ground running collaborating with the Meat Eater family and continuing to put our customers first like we always have.

MeatEater’s family of brands features of unified cart experience, this will be a future feature for DSD, but for now the DSD website’s cart is independent from all other MeatEater brands.

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