3 thoughts on “Episode 15 | Made in China

  1. Ken says:

    there goes the quality! China is cheaper to produce but they dont understand quality. Your product is downhill from here.

    • Greg Capshew says:

      I guess you don’t know China manufacturing … They have all the latest in tech and can produce quality with the right direction ….. So is Sitka junk ….. Nope it’s the best and most all of its made in China …. Why because China leads the world in manufacturing , when you have good QC China made is the way to go ..

  2. Greg Capshew says:

    Great idea , we had our own snows made in China , not to sell , just for us and they’re nothing compared to yours but work well …… So , is there a possibility of say … Having your unbelievably great Speck decoys made in China so they’re more affordable …. Down here in the waterfowl capitol of Ca the Butts sink , we not only run large fb snow spreads , we also run huge Speck spreads of 500 to 700 … Yours are far and away the best on the market but unaffordable to most in large numbers ..
    Love the American made products you make but being affordable is more important to myself as well as many other guys , guess you could always have an American made version and China made with different price points and nearly the same quality as the US made …
    Love your decoys , I’m still running the old hard side Honkers and lessons …. Simply the best ever made and doubtful anything will ever come close unless you guys design it … Finally stepped up and purchased one of your Jake strutters and I’m sure it will do the job better than anything I’ve been using …
    Love your customer service … The best …

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