Shawn Stahl joins us again to go in depth on hunting geese out of a panel blind. Shawn helped develop the Tanglefree panel blind and has relied on the blind in many different situations. We talk about everything from concealment to decoy spreads when hunting from these blinds compared to layout blinds.

1 thoughts on “Episode 16 | Panel Blind Tactics with Shawn Stahl

  1. Richard Hoppis says:

    Loved episode 16 with Shawn Stahl. Really liked how he explained how he sets his Decoys and wearing Black.
    I’m a loyal DSD guy. I hunt Specks in California. I’m a slow learner so I’m still trying to figure it out Lol.
    Wish you guys made a Speck floater. In my opinion no one makes a good one. Even if you had to make em outside the US I would buy them because I know your stamp of approval would be on them. I use your fullbody Specks now In flooded Rice Fields but I think realistic floaters would be the ticket.
    Keep up the Great Work!

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