Wings & Beard


Faster setup than ever! Just attach a tail fan and you’re ready to hunt.

The most durable and dependable material on the market. Self healing and holds its shape.


Smaller Size

Smaller size makes this decoy ultra portable and easy to pack.

New Smaller Size!


Due to the smaller body size of a Jake, we were able to make this new strutter significantly smaller. This has the added benefit of making it ultra portable and easy to use.

Wings & Beard Attached & Included

Setup faster than ever now with an attached beard and wings that are molded right into the decoy! Just attach a tail fan and this Jake is ready to pick a fight.

In Stock!


This new Jake decoy brings all the visibility and effectiveness of our strutter in a lighter, more compact package. For turkey hunters looking to add the aggression of a strutter to their spread, but want the confidence in knowing that their decoy isn’t going to intimidate challenging toms, this Jake Strutter is the decoy you’ve been searching for!