Paint &


Ultra realistic paint and texture detail that mimcs the reflections and iridescence of actual turkey feathers.

The most durable and dependable material on the market. Self healing and holds its shape.

New Motion


Our easy to use motion system is legal in most states and moves with very little hand movement.

Mating Motion Kit

Simple & Easy to Use!

Your motion kit comes with a stake, two eyebolts,a handle, snap and line.The line hides in a channel under the hen decoy. With a simple pull on the handle, your decoy spread will come to life and be the envy of the flock!

Mating Motion Pair

Mating Motion Pair


This groundbreaking new set of decoys accurately replicates a jake in the act of mounting a hen.

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Mating Motion Jake


When paired with our mating hen, this decoy realistically mimics a mating pair of turkeys.

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Pair this hen with our Motion Jake to make those toms jealous, or get them excited by using it on its own.

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